Are you going somewhere?

Wanna take a nap while on a long trip?

Avion Jackets are just as warm and cozy as a blanket, but lashless and perfect for nap sessions in non traditional places!!!!

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This is not a pillow for travelling. It’s a jacket and it’s better than a pillow"

Drives your neck, back, and shoulder muscles crazy?

Here's a solution

Avion Jackets are made of lightweight, breathable fabric that envelopes the neck in an ergonomic cross-knit. This protects the upper back and neck muscles from strain.

Wear Avion Jacket with the front zipper open or closed.
Open the zipper at the back hem of hte jacket from either side of pull out seat pad.
Once seated again pull the hood overhead making sure to pull it far enough forward so internal banding can cover your forehead area.
With both hands grab either side of the seat pad and pull forward while tilting your head back to get the exact amount of tension you need on the hood.
Manoeuvre your head to one side to achieve your preferred sleeping position. Have as little or as much tension as you prefer.
Once you have set your preferred amount of tension remains seated on the seat pad and this will hold the tension in your internal suppor system until you take your weight off the tension.
Enjoy a comfortable sleep without your head continuously falling forward and waking you up.

Special Features

  • Support Structure

    Discreet, strong, durable and long lasting

  • Made from Bamboo

    Offers comfort, warmth, is low maintenance and environmental

  • Handy Zip Pockets

    Perfectly placed pockets for your hands when sleeping and to keep items safe

  • Versatile Grey

    Unisex - easy mix and match wearing.