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The Avion Story

Avion Jackets was born out of sheer frustration. As a frequent flyer for both work and recreation, I was regularly travelling whilst tired and fatigued. Like most of us, my only seating option was in economy class and the only available option to help me attempt to get to sleep on a flight was a neck pillow. A method that is not always effective!
After many years wishing someone would finally invent something that works better than the neck pillow, it occurred to me that I could just invent it myself. So, why not?     

From a pure physics stand point the biggest problem is the dreaded head nod, that wakes you up just as you're about to fall asleep on a flight. At Avion our mission was to create an effective and reliable product that delivers on its promise of a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep while travelling in economy class. After three years of research and design we finally have a product we are proud to put our name on. Made from sustainable fabrics in ethically-run factories we have completed the Avion Jacket.

Avion jackets are value for money.

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