Prior to using the Avion Jacket for your first journey it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the garment beforehand. As it’s something you would not have worn before the initial wearing of the jacket requires a bit of adjusting to suit your exact body type and comfort requirements. We recommend you try out the jacket in the comfort of your own home and ideally use a high back chair to best simulate the environment you would be in with economy seating. After your first try of the jacket at home, you will realise it is very easy to use, and will feel more confident on that first journey.

Another handy tip is to also have the seat-pad already deployed prior to taking your seat and buckling up, as many times during these trips there is minimal room within economy seating and you may have people either side of you. The zip opening and seat-pad deployment can most certainly be done from a seated position if you do not wish to onboard in this way, however it is another option. Similarly, when you are offboarding after arriving at your destination, there is no need to re stow the seat-pad until after you have left the terminal.

Getting the right tension: This is the most important part of using the Avion Jacket as it is finding the optimum comfort to support your neck and back muscles. If you pull too much tension on the seat-pad and back straps your head will be too far back. This is not the optimum position. The optimum position is where your head will be slightly forward but cannot fall forward any further. You should also be able to move your head slightly to one side.

I hope you enjoy your first sleep with your new Avion Jacket and have many a happy journey on all your travels in the future.

Bon Voyage

 Step 1:             Wear and use the Avion Jacket with the front zipper open or closed.

Step 2:             Open zipper at the back hem of the jacket from either side, and pull out the seat pad. 

Step 3:             Once seated again pull hood overhead making sure to pull it far enough forward to so internal banding can cover your forehead area. 

Step 4:             With both hands grab either side of the seat pad and pull forward while tilting head back to get the exact amount of tension you need on the hood 

Step 5:             Manoeuvre your head to one side to achieve your preferred sleeping position. Set tension as per above instructions to support your neck. 

Step 6:             Once you have set your specific preferred amount of tension remain seated on the seat pad and the weight of your body will anchor the seat-pad and the tension will not adjust until you take your weight off it.

Step 7:             Enjoy a comfortable sleep without your head continuously falling forward and waking you up.

Safe Travels