Bamboo Is The Answer! Want To Know Why?

Bamboo Is The Answer! Want To Know Why?

Sep 14 , 2021

Charlene Burke

Avion Jackets set out with the goal to provide our customers with the perfect environment for sleep. We believe in making the impossible possible. Even if that means defying the laws of gravity to ensure your head stays stable and supported whilst you're in an upright position. 

We know the challenges that sleeping on planes can bring. After much research and experimenting with different combinations of textiles and materials, our process always brought us back to bamboo.

Sleeping on planes can be nearly impossible with challenges such as being in an upright position while trying to sleep, the changing temperatures throughout the flight as altitudes and cabin pressures change and comfort levels while being contained within a small seat.

At Avion Jackets we addressed each of these challenges in a detailed and methodical manner until we got the ultimate combination of support and comfort into one relaible product.

Temperature inside the cabin can differ up to 30 degrees if you're boarding your plane in the northern part of Western Australia, and ascending up to 27,000 feet where the outside temperature is far cooler. Bamboo will allow your body to cope with these changing temperatures as it prevents you from overheating.

Bamboo has natural moisture absorbing properties which will absorb natural sweat and regulate core temperatures. It allows your body to stay ventilated throughout these changing temperatures, keeping your core at the optimum comfort level, and aiding that much needed sleep on the plane.

Being confined to an airplane seat can make you feel stuffy and claustrophobic. For allergy prone individuals, bamboo clothing can have a transformational impact on the way they travel and get to sleep on planes.

Eczema sufferers and those with sensitive skin will know, finding clothes that don’t itch or irritate is easier said than done. The key benefit of bamboo clothing is that it is naturally hypo-allergenic, gentle on the skin and highly breathable. It will keep your skin cool in summer and warm in winter by absorbing any excess moisture away, which is the number one culprit that causes eczema to flare up.

The soft luxurious feel of bamboo on your skin is the ideal comfort when you need to get some sleep in the uncomfortable position of an airplane seat. Avion Jackets are made with your total comfort in mind. Using a light fabric that's gentle on the skin and naturally soft; your body will love you for it.

The breathable fibres and moisture absorbing properties combined with the soft feeling and its ability to regulate the warmth or coolness you will need, makes the Avion Jacket the whole package when it comes to getting sleep on the plane.

Bamboo requires less washing than other materials. It requires less water when grown and has no requirement for pesticides, insecticides and fertilisers when grown, making it environmentally friendly. It will naturally attack nasties when grown. This further adds to the reason that it is so gentle on the skin and why it’s better for the environment.

Bamboo fits the Avion Jackets ethos about looking after our environment for future generations. It detoxifies the air we breathe and produces 30% more oxygen than other trees.

Going green is far better for our planet.

It’s time to go bamboo!