Making the Impossible - Possible!

Making the Impossible - Possible!

Sep 14 , 2021

Charlene Burke

One of the core problems when trying to sleep on an airplane is the upright positioning of your seat. Without the luxury of a first class or business class seat that lays flat, you must remain upright for the duration of your flight and when trying to sleep your head will naturally fall forward, or to the side, thanks to gravity. As you fall into a sleep state your brain disengages with your neck muscles. As the muscles relax, they can no longer hold hold the weight of your head causing it to drop, generally with an unceremonious jolt. This harsh action will snap you back to a waking state, which is rarely a pleasant experience, especially when you are desperate for some shut eye.

At Avion Jackets we recognised this as the core problem to address and remedy when we set out to create our product. Achieving sleep onboard is a combination of the right temperature setting and comfort levels. Understanding the laws of gravity causing the head to fall when muscles relax during sleep and jolting people awake again, was the place we had to start. In order to stop that action from occurring we set out to create the ultimate head support within a product. 

Experimenting with different methods we finally came up with the inner structure of our jacket. Once we had achieved the perfect support structure, we worked on fitting into a product that was both comfortable to wear and aesthetically pleasing to our customers.

As anyone who has flown more than a few times knows, getting to sleep on planes is a very challenging task. Sometimes it's even impossible to do, and missing out on valuable sleep can have serious consequences. You could be a frequent flyer who lives the FIFO life, which means you could be flying up to 52 times a year just for work. Or you could be an interstate traveller who has to fly twice in one day to get to business meetings. Catching that red eye flight and being on the go all day can be very taxing. Fatigue can hit at any time and impact your daily life and overall wellbeing. It’s a pain point many of us know and once your flight is underway you have no choice but to endure the sheer agony of not being able to sleep, whilst simultaneously not being able to stay awake.  

At Avion Jackets we were determined to create a product that would guarantee you get a valuable sleep and can take advantage of your travel time to get the rest you need to arrive at your destination refreshed. No matter if you're seated in an aisle or window seat, boarding a 4am or a midnight flight, whether the flight is 2 hours or 20 hours, or what season you were travelling in, the Avion Jacket will get the job done. We left out no detail in our endeavour to create a product that was strong, enduring, environmentally friendly and comfortable to wear.  

At Avion Jackets we found a gap in the market and a problem experienced by new and seasoned travellers, and we have addressed it. We are proud of our product and confident in its ability to deliver on its promise. We believe in its value for money and are confident in the knowledge that when you purchase a jacket you'll be once and be able to get a comfortable sleep every time you fly. This product is tough on the inside and super soft on the outside and is guaranteed to be a lasting purchase.