FIFO Life and A Precious Thing Called Sleep!

FIFO Life and A Precious Thing Called Sleep!

Sep 14 , 2021

Charlene Burke

Getting to the airport on time to catch a 6am flight to travel to site for FIFO work means very early starts to ensure you get there on time. As past and current FIFO workers know the sleep the night before you fly can often be restless and interrupted, resulting in a poor quality sleep. There is always the lingering worry that you have forgotten something important and once you've arrived up north to your remote camp for work, you will be stuck up there for the duration of your rostered time on. 

A FIFO swing often begins with an early wake up call, sometimes as early as 3 in the morning, to make to the airport in time for your flight. These days you need to allow extra time for the new and challenging process of going through a Covid screening before you can enter the airport facilities, which means you have to arrive even earlier. Once you are in the terminal you will be waiting up to another hour prior, waiting to board your flight. Then comes the challenge of being on your flight and heading up north, desperately wanting a nap so you can arrive on site refreshed and ready to go, but unable to rest in the poor sleeping conditions onboard. Upon arriving up at site after such an early start all you want to do is have a half hour sleep. 

Therefore, getting sleep on the airplane is invaluable to frequent flyers as they will often have work related duties to attend to once they have arrived. Flying tired and arriving tired to go straight to the workplace can have its challenges.   Avion Jackets has identified this gap in market where frequent flyers who fly tired will get ongoing and continuous benefits from our purpose built Avion Jackets. The Avion Jacket was created with FIFO people in mind and we believe it will be a priceless addition to their PPE and travel kit.   

Perhaps worse than flying up to work and being tired, is the journey back home. As FIFO people know, due to their work rotations they will often have to fly home fatigued after working a full 13 hour shift the night before. Finishing their last shift on site at 6am and heading straight to an airport to catch a flight home, can be an extremely hard thing to do. Unfortunately there's no alternative. These flights in particular will be when our customers will benefit the most from getting that much needed sleep on the plane so they can return home ready to spend time with friends and family and make the most of their time off.

With fatigue being one of the biggest contributors to safety in the mining industry, Avion Jackets is the perfect solution to a safety matter that affects road users everywhere. Avion Jackets will allow a fatigued traveller to get a much needed sleep while travelling home. After arriving back at the airport, people often have to get in their cars and drive themselves home. Remembering that people would have otherwise potentially been awake for up to 20 hours, getting a sleep on the plane with Avion Jackets can mean the difference between a safe drive home or a fatal one. 

Avion Jackets is a multi functioning jacket that was purpose built for frequent flyers, especially FIFO workers whose overall wellbeing and safety will benefit if they are able to get a well-rested sleep during their commute. The Avion Jacket was made with two things in mind. Comfort and support to be able to sleep on planes. This results in a much safer operator who arrives at their destination being rested and alert.